the pauper king

A tale of four monarchs – the Pauper King, the Marauder King, the Warrior King and the Warrior Queen (the Lost Queen) – who battle against evil forces, including the unnatural Destroyer and his henchmen.

A young King’s domain endures a devastating war against a barbarous army and a terrible plague. These catastrophes leave the King alone and penniless in a decimated land. Thus, he becomes the Pauper King, aiding his countrymen in recovering from these catastrophes. He is known far and wide as a king truly devoted to his people.

The Pauper King soon meets the Warrior Queen, also known as the Lost Queen, for she and her people are searching for their lost homeland. Their feelings for each other are strong, but fate and their destinies seem to be pulling them apart. Aided by his friend and ally, the Warrior King, the Pauper King faces many challenges, including an invasion by the Marauder King and a final battle against an evil presence known as the Destroyer, aided by the barbarian warlord Volgrun.

Can the Pauper King and his kingdom survive more adversity and defeat the evil Destroyer? Will he ever see the Warrior Queen again? What is the true meaning of the four monarchs, and can they form an alliance? 

R.J.Rosatte’s “The Pauper King” has all the makings of an classic epic tale of love, war, power, adventure and the eternal struggle between good and evil, told in a fast-paced and entertaining fashion.

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