A Hornets Nest

A fast-paced thriller set in The County in Southern Ontario.

What if….

What if someone stole two suitcase bombs from the collapsing Soviet Union? Two old but very workable nuclear devices, designed to be carried into an unsuspecting target city….

What if you woke up in Intensive Care after an horrendous car-truck collision, and had no memory of anything that happened after your sixteenth birthday? And that was when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon….

What if someone was trying to kill you and you had no idea why?

What if you were accused of a bloody murder and you couldn’t remember if you were innocent…or guilty?

What if Russian mobsters kidnapped your only daughter, someone whose name you can’t even remember, and threatened to kill her if you didn’t cooperate, but you have no idea what they are asking for?

What if two cold-blooded assassins are carving their way through your town trying to get to you, and the only help you have is two old high school chums who have their hands full keeping you from being arrested?

What if you find yourself a pawn between two diametrically opposed forces? One led by a zealous extremist bent on attacking America, the Great Satan, the other a shadowy group of crusaders determined to defend the Western World and its way of life from outside attack?

And through it all you find yourself protected again and again by an angel in nurses’ clothing, a lady who will risk everything to help a man she believes to be innocent.

John McAlpine finds himself in this nightmare, one not of his own making and races against the clock to save his daughter and prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of an extremist known only as “The Arab”.

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